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Deploying an organizational change initiative can be challenging. Strategy Perspective can give you tools to engage your employees in implementing a change initiative. Whether it is to improve quality, streamline your supply chain, increase customer satisfaction, decrease product development time, or implement another initiative, our tools can make a difference.

Change theory is great but how does one actually apply it in an effective manner? Andrea Shapiro does a fantastic job of explaining how in her book, Creating Contagious Commitment and through her
experiential workshop.
—Al Toews, www.projectplato.com

Driving Change
Download Driving Workplace Change a free ePublication with examples and explanations showing how to use the Seven Levers of Change to create sustainable change in your organization.

Driving Workplace Change will introduce you to comprehensive, integrated strategies, principles and tactics that you can apply to any change initiative. These are the same principles used in the Change, Dialogue, and Action workshop.

Driving Workplace Change includes first-hand accounts of using the levers to drive successful change in several organizations and industries.

What Strategy Perspective offers:

The Change, Dialogue, and Action Workshop

Change, Dialogue, and Action is a dynamic, interactive workshop that fosters dialogue and accelerates learning. The workshop sparks friendly competition to engage participants in strategic thinking on organizational change.

Change, Dialogue, and Action leverages the Tipping Point model, which is a simple framework, powerful enough to move any organization through effective change. This framework has been built into a management flight simulator—a computer-based learning game.

Gamification Works: Using the simulator, Change, Dialogue, and Action creates a safe environment to introduce a new way to think about change, experiment with it, and discuss options. Gamification renders formerly untouchable topics open for debate and improves understanding of complex, system-wide interactions.

Change, Dialogue, and Action has been used in organizations of all sizes, from small nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox Corporation and GSK.

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Certification Training for the Change, Dialogue, and Action Workshop

Add this powerful, engaging workshop to your own repertoire of effective tools and learning experiences. Strategy Perspective offers Certification Training and licensing for facilitators.

As a certified facilitator, use this powerful workshop in your own organization or consultancy to help your employees and clients understand the process of implementing change.

The Change, Dialogue, and Action Workshop:
  •  Helps clients involve their employees in an important organizational change initiative.
  •  Demonstrates the importance of a broad-ranged, balanced approach to organizational change.
  •  Uses competition to focus dialogue so that participants understand how to make an organizational change both contagious and sustainable.
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Books on Contagious Commitment

Creating Contagious Commitment, 2nd edition, (2010) thoroughly explains the theory behind the Tipping Point model and gives first-person accounts of applying it to change initiatives in organizations—big and small, across the globe.

Contagious Commitment at Work (2016) is a practical approach that relies on humor, illustrations, as well as real-world accounts of applying the ideas in the Tipping Point mdoel.

Contagious Commitment at Work video.

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Levers Simulator Workshop
Seven Levers of Change Tipping Point Simulator Change, Dialogue, & Action

“Deploying technology without changing process and organization will create little impact—and it often brings negative consequences. Naked technology wipes out productivity improvements, hurts return on investment, and dulls the bright edge of well-conceived strategies.” —George F. Colony, CEO, Forrester Research, Inc.
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Seven Levers of Change
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Change, Dialogue, & Action
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